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William Crichton and his children


William Crichton, son of George and Margaret Gifford Crichton ( nee Allen )( George can be found in the Burke´s Irish Family Records as the seventh son to Alexander Crichton of Woodhouselee and Newington ), moved from Edinburgh about 1855 to Saint Petersburg in Russia. He married Anna Elisabeth Owen, ( granddaughter to Samuel Owen of Stockholm who has been called the Father of Industrializetion in Sweden and who brought the Methodist church to Scandinavia ). 1864 they moved to Turku in Finland. William and Anna got 14 children. William founded a shipyard ( later know as Crichton-Vulcan ) and was very successful.

William Crichton, b 29.31827 in Edinburgh d 10.4.1889 in Turku, married 15.11.1855 in Saint Petersburg Anna Elisabeth Owen, b 24.5.1833 in Stockholm, d 20.2.1824 in Stourport-on-Severn, England

Their Children :

1. Louisa Gifford Elisabeth, my grandmothers grandmother, b 8.11.1856 in Kolpino in Russia, d 3.12.1931 in Kotka in Finland, she married 14.9.1889 Harald Otto Edward Fock, b 9.6.1864 in Turku, d 24.8.1924 in Turku. They got five sons : William ( my greatgrandfather ) Osvald, Alexander, Herbert and Donald. Please click on Louisa if you would like to learn more about her descendants.

2. George Crichton, b 28.7.1858 in Edinburgh, d in USA, married 31.10.1896 Helena Haas. They got five children : Very, Mary, Albert, Charles, Alfred

3. William, b 20.4.1860 in Kolpino in Russia, d ? , married 17.6.1886 in Stockholm Alma Nyman, b 1864 in Tunham in Sweden. They got two daughers : Vinnifred and Margit.

4. Alexander, b 11.1.1862 in Kolpino in Russia, d 1925 in USA, married 5.7.1890 Zaida Alexandra Fock, b 22.10.1869 in Turku, d in Germany

5. Anna Mary, b 24.1.1864 in Turku, married in Stockholm Thomas Woodhall-Smith, They got four children : Dora, Vera, Mabel, Ruby

6. John Allan, b 16.12.1865 in Turku, d 30.4.1908 in Turku, married 8.4.1901 Judith Hultgren from Jönköping in Sweden.

7. Frances, b 22.4.1867 in Turku, d one month later.

8. Alfred, b 1.6.1868 in Turku, went to the USA

9. Rurik, b 27.2.1870 in Turku, d 1922, married 1902 in Dudley Anna Oaten, b 1878 in Somerset, d 1938. They got four children: Mary, Frances, James and John Allen

10. Carl Edvard, b 17.5.1871 in Turku, d 12.11.1873 in Turku

11. Lilly Vera, b 30.10.1872 in Turku, d 2.10.1942 in Turku

12. James Dunlop, b 29.6.1876 in Turku, went to the USA

13. Margareta Jemina, b 30.7.1877 in Turku, married William Hinke, moved to Gothenburg in Sweden, got married again Ekblom. Children with the latter : Elsa and Greti

14. Fanny Julin, b 2.6.1879 in Turku, d 23.3.1934 in Turku, married with Anatol Holmberg from Hämeenlinna in Finland





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