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Welcome to my new homepage


Hi, My name is Ulf Crichton and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am 40 years old and I work as a property developer.

My interests are among others genealogy. If you are interested to correspond with me about family history, especially related to the history of the Crichton family please write to me at ulf@crichton.se

I was born in Finland. My forefather William Crichton was born 1827 in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved via St Petersburg in Russia to Turku in Finland with his wife Anna Elisabeth Owen ( born 1833 in Stockholm ). William Crichton started a ship building company in Turku which was prosperous. William and Anna got 14 children. William died in Finland in 1889 while his wife Anna died old in 1924. Many of the children moved away to Sweden, England and the USA. If you are one of their descendants I would be very happy to get in touch with you so that I could make the family history more complete.





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